We focus 100% on custom software development shops and digital agencies

We like other kinds of businesses just fine, but we know the most about how custom software and digital agency services are bought, and thereby have the best ideas about how to generate leads for those kinds of businesses.

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👁 Marketing is professional network growth
👁 Curation is higher leverage than creation
👁 Winning the web search contest is too costly
👁 Pro-bono education remains the expert's best marketing "channel"

Our point of view on generating leads for your services is based on small-scale research. Our research indicates that non-professional buyers* are efficient satisficers. In seeking an agency, they query their memory and network before undertaking the risk and cost of searching the web and vetting what they find there.

Therefore, the best places to intercept a search for services like yours is in your prospect's memory and network. Our lead generation methods are based on this model of buying behavior.

(* Non-professional buyers are those who do not use a formal buying process, procurement department, or RFPs. If those are your buyers, then we're probably not your huckleberry.)

80/20 Agency Marketing: Methods

We offer 4 lead-generation methods that position you as a visible source of educational value for your buyers and help you intercept searches for services like yours in your prospect's memory or network. If your buyers are at the manager to director level of a typical organization, one of the Topical Newsletter methods is likely your best fit. If your buyers are at the VP or executive team level, Research-As-Marketing or Executive Network-Building are likely your best fit. Typically you will use just one of these 4 methods, and of course we'll help you choose the right one for your situation.

Topical Newsletter


We concieve, produce, and distribute for you a topical email newsletter (similar to Unsupervised Learning) to prospects in your market. You own the resulting content, list, relationships, and visibility.

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Topical Newsletter + Network-Building


We concieve, produce, and distribute a topical email newsletter and use the subscriber and engagement data it produces to help coach you through highly targeted relationship-building with prospective clients.


$4,500/month (6 to 12 months)

We concieve, execute, and distribute a substantial and defensible piece of research that has high relevance to your executive-level prospects. Branded as yours, you own the IP, and we can involve you in the process if you want so you learn how to repeat it on your own in the future.

Executive Network-Building


We coach you through concieving, producing, and executing a periodic invitation-only executive roundtable event to connect you with prospective executive-level buyers.


There are other effective lead generation methods we're not set up to help you deliver, either because others already satisfy the market demand very well or because we see them operating outside the ideal cost/leverage sweet spot. For premium ghost-written thought leadership bundled with sophisticated content distribution consider Newfangled.

You need only 1 or 2 effective lead generation methods, not everything listed here, but we want you to know the range of reliable done-for-you options out there so you can make an informed decision. If you've read our POV above, you already know why no form of untargeted salesey outreach is among our list of recommended lead generation methods. We're also happy to help you think your specific bizdev challenges through on an introductory call.


More Information

  • Where needed, we will do copywriting work to clarify positioning/pov/messaging on your existing website and set up some on-site conversion pathways.
  • If you want to publish insight content (that you write) instead of a topical newsletter, our content distribution process can accomodate that.
  • This is a new service. Prices will never be lower. We choose to not ask for a long-term commitment from you because this service is new, and we understand the perceived risk that poses.



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