We focus 100% on custom software development indies/shops and digital agencies

We like other kinds of businesses just fine, but we know the most about how custom software and digital agency services are bought, and thereby have the best ideas about how to generate leads for those kinds of businesses.

👁 Marketing is professional network growth
👁 Curation is higher leverage than creation
👁 Winning the web search contest is too costly
👁 Pro-bono education remains the expert's best marketing "channel"

Our point of view on generating leads for your services is based on small-scale research. Our research indicates that non-professional buyers* are efficient satisficers. In seeking an agency, they query their memory and network before undertaking the risk and cost of searching the web and vetting what they find there.

Therefore, the best places to intercept a search for services like yours is in your prospect's memory and network. Our lead generation methods are based on this model of buying behavior.

(* Non-professional buyers are those who do not use a formal buying process, procurement department, or RFPs. If those are your buyers, then we're probably not your huckleberry.)

We write about our POV, share lessons learned about lead generation, and occasionally promote our services on this email list:

Opportunity Labs: Services

We offer 2 services, and generally they're chosen based on your business size.

Lead Generation Coaching


Learn how to generate leads on your own, sustainably and efficiently.

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80/20 Agency Marketing


A done-for-you lead generation service.

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We're also happy to help you think your specific bizdev challenges through on an introductory call.


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OpportunityLabs is founded by Philip Morgan and, at the moment, he is the sole employee. All the "we" language on this site is in anticipation of building a small team in 2024.



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